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Hey kids! DC Natural Foods will soon have it’s very own ebook! Superfun right?  I don’t have a launch date set in stone yet but it’s a tentative 3 months out.

I just started it today. I’ll be taking the things that I’ve learned and I’ll also be picking the brain of our walking compendium of information; our Store Owner Extraordinare. Those who know her know that she is utterly amazing and knowledgable as is the rest of our fantastic staff!

So to sum up this little ditty; keep your eyeballs open, A Tough Love Guide To: Wellness and Weight Management is on it’s way! It’ll be accompanied by an fantastic affiliate program as well.  If you have a blog or website, you’ll have an opportunity to make a 50% commission on each copy you sell…  stay tuned!

You know what to do: 208-522-6964 or visit at 159 S. Corner Ave in Idaho Falls.

❤ Sarah


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So if you’re a book nerd like me, that statement should get your pulse racing! 

We have tons of different book on tons of different subjects here at the store.  From cleansing to recipies to heart disease to diabetes and beating cancer.  You should be able to find the book you’re looking for.

August is a little more than half over and our 15% off sale will only last to the end of the month, so whip out your reading glasses and come check out our titles!

You know what to do: 208-522-6964 or 159 S. Corner Ave.  Idaho Falls (kitty korner from the YMCA)

❤ Sarah

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