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329 1586 214 DSCN0127April 8, 2013

Hello my name is Levi. I am a 7-year-old orange tabby and I should be dead.

I had been out playing over a month ago when I became tired, didn’t follow my routine. Food didn’t even smell as good as it use too.

My mom loaded me up and took me to the vet. I really didn’t care about that either. He was playing in my ears, mouth and pulling on my skin, whew looks like temperature time. The vet came back in and said my blood test bad. Poisoned. I’m not sure what kind, but my kidneys are shutting down. Mom understands. It looks like water running down her cheeks.  The `Vet told her I should be put down. Mom said No I would be fine she would make sure.

So here they go poking me right between the shoulder blades with a needle connected to a little tube with a bag of fluid. They filled me up like a water balloon about 2 1/2 ml. of IV electrolytes. The vet said fluids for next 5 days every morning (yuk) and that this would work like kidney dialysis to help flush the toxins. The vet kept saying to put me down it was not going to work. My mom said she was going to work me over. Not sure what that meant either. I will let my mom tell you the rest I’m tired….

The vet is telling  me that Levi was poisoned and he wasn’t going to make it. Renal failure, kidneys shutting down,appetite has lessened and he is not drinking much. But that he was still eating and drinking meant a lot to me. As we were heading home,thoughts of what I needed to do to help him went through my mind.

Finally it came down to raw liver, charcoal, buchu and brewers yeast.

I dropped my baby off at home and the mission began. I went to the store for raw liver and my health food store for charcoal, buchu and brewers yeast.

Here is the run down: liver is for the enzymes and B vitamins for fast nutrients to keep the liver working. Charcoal powder can pull 10 times the amount of poison that can kill a body.( Edgar Casey’s book). Buchu is a herb that repairs kidney damage I have seen people with kidneys that have been shut down for 2 weeks come back to life when they took it. And of course Brewers yeast the more B vitamins you get the better the appetite  and the better the body can function.

Levis first blood test


So you know what the numbers above mean here is the run.

1. ALB-albumin

2. ALP-alkaline phosphatase

3.ALT- alanine aminotransferase

4. AMY-amylase


6.BUN-Blood urea nitrogen

7.CA- calcium






13.TP-total protein


I cut up raw beef liver into small pieces to feed to Levi he gobbled it up so fast like he was starving, 2 hours later it came back up. It was actually breaking down some in the tummy. So back to the kitchen this time I pureed the raw liver and charcoal together and gave it again to him and this time it stayed down. If cats stop eating after so many days their livers shut down and they die from liver failure instead of the poisons. I figured if there was anything he would eat I would feed it to him.

April 9

Back to the vets with Levi. I took my daughter in-law Kaylena so that she could see how the vet gave him fluids so we could do this at home every morning this would put less stress on Levi, I think. (Me and needles just make me faint I needed support)

He didn’t want to eat that morning so I cut the end off a syringe, sucked up the liver puree into it and gave it to him when Roger came home for lunch. Not much fight he knew he needed it. I also gave him the buchu tincture too. Now I could see things staying in his little tummy. After the syringe feeding he would follow me to the kitchen every time asking for something else to munch on. I had a smorgasboard of canned chicken, canned tuna, and baby food that didn’t have some kind of onion in it. I would put extra water in the chicken and tuna and baby food to keep it moist. Well come to find out he loved the broth drank it first. Then he would eat small amounts of the food. Making head way. YEAH!!!!

April 10(day 3) Fluids again first thing in the morning . He finally urinated. Another big YEAH. He is eating every 2 hours now in small amounts, anything is better than nothing. That was the routine for the rest of the day. But he added drinking a lot more water to the diet.

April 11(day 4)

Mr. Independents has kicked in. Levi is sitting by the back door wanting out. He is loving on the other cats, rubbing up against the dogs but know one is letting him out. Fluids again this morning. This time he has an attitude. Not so easy this morning. He made a break for it in mid stream. Iv fluid shooting out the end of the needle. Hum I think his spunk is returning.

Still feeding every 2 hrs. he has eaten a little more on the plates than the other days. He said he has had enough raw liver. So I cooked it , now he will eat it again.

He is still snuggling and following me around the house. The kitchen is his favorite place.

April 12(day 5)

Fluids again, Mister Bubble shoulders is running in the house with wobbly shoulders. We had some air in the tube so he has one big front leg and one skinny. Looks kind of funny. A couple of hours it was back to normal.

Same feeding every 2 hrs. Now he talks to me in the kitchen, we discuss whats on the menu this time. He wants more broth off the tuna and chicken. Still drinking water good. Caught him hanging on the toilet seat after colder water.

April 13(day6)

No fluids today. We go back to the vets for more blood test.

Vet couldn’t believe he made it through the week. I just smiled. We are making progress I will hanging there if Levi can. The creatinine dropped from 17.2 to 11.9, Bun dropped from 180 to 149, K+ was the same 2.9. But his liver function came up from 45 to 95 which is great it is cleaning the body out.


The vet wasn’t impressed even with the numbers coming down. I was though. I told the vet I would see him in a month. He just smiled. I picked up some Renal failure cat food dry that day.

We went home and since vet keeps telling me my little kid is going to die he might as well have some fun I opened the dog door thinking he didn’t need to be in jail anymore.

April 14(day 7)

No fluids for while. Feeding still the same. I am finding Levi out sunning himself in the warmth. But when I call he comes running for breakfast, lunch or dinner and snack. He is still being lovey to all the animals and us.

April 15 (day 8)

We have made it a week . I have to go back to work. So he is eating at 6:00am, 8:00 am, Lunch with dad, I come home at 3:00 pm, and many times after 5:00 pm.

Found Levi stretching like it was the first time his bones felt good. He is back to stretching now every time he gets up. And he must be the dirtiest cat around he cleaned himself for a good 30 minutes. Nice to see him feel a little better. YEAH another routine has come back into the picture.

April 16(day 9)

Couldn’t get any interest for breakfast, he just stared at me. So I offered all the menu item out of the frig. Not a nibble…

Ok so I need something to spark the tummy hunger. I picked up clams, shrimp,  chicken liver and canned salmon this time. I think I shop more for him than myself.

New flavors for 3:00 feeding he liked the salmon but take on dinner so I opened the clams and wow what a response a stretch up the cupboard. Minced clams he loves the juice off of them. So I looked them up they are high in Iron. Which he needs to help make more red blood cells.

What a smart kid!!!!!

April 17-21

Levi is doing better and better, he is chasing the others cats and playing again.

The 21st we had a birthday dinner for Roger, family came over cooking lots of food. My mom was cutting cantaloupe, Levi kept loving her leg and talking to her. She put the cantaloupe on the table with the rest of the food as she stepped away Levi was on the table helping himself to the cantaloupe. He could have had anything else but that is not what he wanted. Yes that bowl became his and to my surprise he ate the whole thing over a period of time and more.Cantaloupe has lots of potassium in it.

What a smart kid again!!!

April 22- May 6

Still hanging in there what a trooper. Levi has been greeting me at the front door every night again to walk me inside. My little baby seems to be doing better. We have caught him eating cat food again that was why he wasn’t always eating what we offered. Feeding himself go figure.

Today is vet day almost a month now.

Vet told me he didn’t expect us back. Thought I would cancel the appointment from Levi passing away. To his surprise we ,made it. Creatinine is down to 4.8, Bun is down to 61, Phos down to 5.2,and k+ (potassium) is up to 3.6. Vet said wow lets work on this now. I do believe I have been. 1595

But the red blood cell count has dropped down. Vet wants fluids again for 5 more days. I thank god I have Kaylena to help me.

Vet wants Levi back in 3 weeks for a HCT count he was 33 now it is 23. But with the rest of the blood test looking so good he thinks we can help him now. (Hum I think we have been working the kid over.)

In the middle of all this I have to say a special Thanks to Jones meats in Rigby. I looked everywhere for raw kidneys to feed to Levi and they where so nice and helpful. They just need a big THANK YOU.

On day 3 of fluids at home Levi was plugged into the IV bag it had some air in the tube he watched them as they came closer to him. His eyes wide like he was going to be attacked by bugs, growling, feet pushing back. Not a good day. Next day we covered the tube with a towel, much better day for fluids. But all in all he has not bit or scratched me, I think he knows we are trying to help.

May 15

Levi is out catching June bugs brought me one I guess I need to play too. Couldn’t find him last night about 3:30 am in the house so I checked out front, guess who is a night owl sitting on front porch with a bug in his mouth. He spit it out to come have a night snack of tuna and cantaloupe.

We will be heading back to the vets on May 28th, to see how the red blood cell count is doing and his weight.

To Be Continued


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