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  I realize that we are all scared of radiation fall out and the potential hazards that it can cause to our bodies. As we take a look at life styles that we keep. Maybe a healthier diet would be one to consider.

   Higher amounts of vitamin C has always been able to protect the body from radiation and chemo for that matter. So any high vitamin C food would be fabulous.http://realneo.us/content/radiation-protection-nuclear-accident-http://realneo.us/content/radiation-protection-nuclear-accident-earthquakes-or-attackearthquakes-or-attack,

  Linus Pauling did research many years ago that started the vitamin C craze. http://www.alternativehealingtools.com/vitaminc/paulinginvestigates.htm,http://www.vitamincfoundation.org/expert.htm

  Other good links to check on vitamin C and Kelp protection http://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/protection-against-radiation-poisoning/,http://realneo.us/content/radiation-protection-nuclear-accident-earthquakes-or-attack

  Potassium Iodide has been used for many years also but it only protects the thyroid not the whole body.http://realneo.us/content/radiation-protection-nuclear-accident-earthquakes-or-attack this link tells how much is safe to take and remember that all good things should not be taken in excess for too long

  Hope this can help with some of the concerns

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