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[tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name” only_single=false http://www.URL.com%5DSo I’m sittin’ here, on this marvelous Saturday afternoon, sipping on my Zevia Cola and I thought I’d tell you all just a little bit about it. 


  1. It’s fantastic. It tastes alot like Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke.
  2. It has no sugar, aspartame (which turns to formaldehyde when you digest it), or splenda (which causes liver damage)
  3. The sweeteners are Erythritol (which defeats the evil Tooth Decay and fights bacteria) and Stevia (a fantastic plant that is 300x sweeter than sugar)
  4. The sweeteners are low or no glycemic, great for diabetics or insulin resistance
  5. Has zero calories.  Your pants will thank you 🙂
  6. Comes in tons of flavors so you won’t get bored.

Here at the store we currently carry Cola, Black Cherry, and Ginger Root Beer but we can order any of the flavors. Plus if you purchase a case (24 cans) in June or November, you’ll get 20% off the retail price! A case ordered in any other month gets 10% off the retail price.  Isn’t that amazing?

Yeah, to sum it all up: Zevia = Yum!

If you’ve tried Zevia and want to weigh in, by all means, leave a comment!

❤ Sarah

P.S. Give me a buzz at the store if you have questions or just want to tell me how your day is going 🙂 (208)522-6964


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