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Ok, so my favorite apple is the HoneyCrisp right?  These apples are just the perfect blend of sweet and tart and they have such lovely pink skin, reminiscent of a Gala or Pink Lady. And between you and me, I’m sure the nutritional value is much better than in any other apple.  It has to be.  They’re just so good.  At least that’s my excuse for eating mass quantities of them.   And it gets better for the locavores out there; HoneyCrisps are grown in Blackfoot.  Oh yeah!  Isom Fruit Farm, how I love you…

I’m at work right now, sitting on my tukas (even though I’m supposed to be working) eating my HoneyCrisp apple in thin slices with cream cheese:

I had a thought.



“You know what would be completely delicious?”


“If you were to take this apple and that cream cheese and wrap it up in a flaky, buttery pastry, like croissant dough, bake it and then eat it hot.”

No extra sugars or anything else. 3 ingredients (ok, a lot more than three if you count everything in the dough…). BAM, an explosion of ambrosial awesomeness in my mouth!

You are curious now, aren’t you?  You want to know just what these HoneyCrisps are all about.  Well come visit me and find out!  I’m giving away at least 1 apple with each purchase.  If you don’t have anything to buy but you want to try the apple, I suppose I’ll cut you a deal.  I’ll even give you a slice of my cream cheese 🙂 I’m sure after you taste the combination, you’ll want a cream cheese to take home with your apple.  Aren’t I such a great sales person?

You know what to do: 208-522-6964 or 159 S. Corner Avenue, kitty corner from the YMCA

❤ Sarah

P.S. If you want your very own box of apples, call up the Isom’s at 208-684-4573, 208-313-6224, or 208-313-6830 (ask for Marc or Jeanne)


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